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Butcher Blocks – Chips Off The Old Block

Butcher Blocks - Chips Off The Old Block

Butcher Blocks – Chips Off The Old Block

Butcher Blocks are perfect for almost any kitchen.

You can’t hurt a butcher block, they’re immensely useful in preparing foods, and today they are found on top of kitchen islands and carts in myriad designs and styles.

The traditional design of a butcher’s block is a large cube or rectangle of hardrock maple blocks fastened together to discourage warping, and you can still buy that design and many more.

Butcher’s blocks come in round, square and rectangular shapes in a variety of thickness and woods today.

Butcher Blocks - Chips Off The Old Block

Butcher Blocks – Chips Off The Old Block

Traditional Yet Functional

Butcher’s blocks are very useful in modern kitchens for preparing and cutting foods.

They spare your counter top any wear and tear while lessening the chance of damage to your kitchen knives.

Many have pads underneath that also prevent damage to your work surface but stop slippage, as well.

Some kitchen’s incorporate the block counter top right into the design of the work and cooking area.

Kitchen island and cart designs very commonly use blocks for top surfaces.

Such designs often include storage shelves and drawers beneath, as well as cooking surfaces and sinks on more expensive island and cart designs, making cooking and entertaining all that much easier.

Blocks are porous surfaces, so maintenance and care is important whether used as a portable work surface or as part of the kitchen cabinetry.

Moisture and resulting bacteria can be discouraged by exposing the surface and cleaning it with a bleach or vinegar solution regularly.

For a very traditional yet functional appearance in your kitchen, the butcher’s block is a good choice, but contemporary kitchen designs make the cutting block a complementary part of modern life.


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