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Choosing  Kitchen Cabinets Wisely Will Save 50% Of  Remodeling Costs

Choosing  Kitchen Cabinets Wisely Will Save 50% Of  Remodeling Costs

Choosing  Kitchen Cabinets Wisely Will Save 50% Of  Remodeling Costs

Choosing You Kitchen Cabinets Wisely Will Save 50% Of Your Remodeling Costs. A typical kitchen-remodeling budget, will allocate half the costs to the kitchen cabinet alone. Selecting them therefore is one of the most important design decisions you’ll make for your kitchen. Pay attention to the joints, workmanship and material used. Kitchen cabinet with all wooden drawers will last longer than those made of plastic with wooden fronts.


Kitchen cabinets are of three basic types

Stock Kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are those, which are usually available with the suppliers and home centers. To maintain ready availability, the suppliers keep these in stock. These are basic cabinets without any frills and hence are less expensive. But as you can expect with all the readily available items these kitchen cabinets have limited finishes, color & styles.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinets

These are a bit more expensive than the stock kitchen cabinets as they have a little more detail like molding, side panels, glass doors. These offer more choices of colors and finishes. These are not as readily available as the stock kitchen cabinets and you have to place an order before you can get them.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Here you can let your imagination run wild. You’re only limited by your imagination. Practically anything you dream about you can have built. The major advantage here is that you can have these built to any size to fit the spaces you want. This is not so with stock cabinets. Customizing allows you to choose any finish, colors, styles, features, etc. All this, of course, comes at a price and typically custom kitchen cabinet cost about twice as that of a stock kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet Material

Well so much for different types of kitchen cabinet, but what about the material used in making them?

Some of the main materials used for making cabinets are:


Laminates are the least expensive. This is a goos choice for kitchens with sleek and contemporary look. Laminates have one drawback though; they can only be cut in flat panels.


Vinyl-clad panels are basically laminates, which have been, shrink wrapped around the panel. This gives it raised features and cost more than the laminates. The advantage here is that they are maintenance free.


Of all the materials, wood is the most expensive. But the increased cost is not without advantages. Wood offers a variety of finishes like painted finish, stained, etc. Painted wooden cabinets make the cabinet appear bright while stained finishes bring out the natural wood grain. Wooden cabinet give your kitchen the classic look. While choosing your kitchen cabinets, make creative use of the choices available in the market. Mixing and matching various different styles make your kitchen look unique and exciting. Dark finished doors can be matched with light stained wood door panels. Glass panels, raised door panels, scalloped edges, overlay doors are just some of the options you can choose from.

Important advice

While choosing kitchen cabinet pay attention to the drawers. As you know the drawers are the ones that get the most use. Go for drawer with full-extension glides instead of those with 3/4th extension glides, these allow the drawers to be opened fully and hence give better access to the items placed way back in the drawers.


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