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Kitchen Islands – Efficiency That Stands Alone

Kitchen Islands - Efficiency That Stands Alone

Kitchen Islands – Efficiency That Stands Alone

Kitchen Islands are among the most popular ideas in kitchen design today, and the variety of island and cart designs reflects that.

80% of homebuyers want a separate workcenter in their new kitchens, according to a National Association of Home Builders survey.

Part of the reason for the popularity of a kitchen island is the change in people’s lifestyles and in interior home design.

Casual entertaining, informal dining, open-space home design, and multi-use kitchen arrangements all make free-standing kitchen workstations, portable carts, butcher blocks and cooking and serving islands more popular.

Don’t Forget It Has A Job To Do

There are many choices of styles and functions for kitchen workstations, and a number of design considerations need to be made as well.

Styles. . . well, just about anything you want is already available or can be custom-made or customized.

Contemporary island and cart styles, hip or avant garde, country, and traditional styles are all popular.

Materials range from granite to copper to stainless steel to oak and many more, and many manufacturers design their islands and carts using combinations of metal, wood and stone or tile.

Kitchen Islands - Efficiency That Stands Alone

Kitchen Islands – Efficiency That Stands Alone

Plan ahead though

  • You’ll want to decide on the shape and height of the island in your new kitchen, and you’ll need to determine how much room you’ll need around it for cooking, storage, traffic flow, and so on.
  • If your kitchen design is for an open area, for example, a long fully-functional island with cooking surface or sink might be the best design.
  • If your kitchen is small, a free-standing cart with butcher block and additional storage could be better.

An island has to serve a practical function, as well.

It might provide bar or counter seating, a serving or preparation area for entertaining, or as a computer station when the kitchen becomes an office.

Whatever its use, consider plumbing, lighting over the island, outlets- at least one on each end of the island, storage shelves, and other island features that make it as useful as it is good looking.

If you are looking to buy a kitchen island online you can use this site to research and find the best style for you and your kitchen.


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